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If you smell gas from a potential leak, you should open the windows of your house immediately (possibly even leave), and ask the gas supplier to disconnect the gas supply to your house. As early as possible, you should seek professional help. Besides the obvious health hazards, gas is extremely inflammable and can cause injury or even death to occupants should it ignite. Therefore, you should never take a gas leakage lightly nor try to fix it on your own. Gas leakage repairs can only be undertaken by licensed professionals.

There are several reasons for gas leaks. Common reasons include wear and tear of fittings, rusting of pipes, improper installations or loose joints of gas fittings. Common signs include smell, hissing sound, dead vegetation near the pipeline, intermittently extinguishing of burner flames, high gas bills without excessive consumption, and no hot water.

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Gas Leak Detection?

Lexity offers an excellent leaking taps repair service in Melbourne that can save you from all the frustration and extra costs. Lexity’s trained staff are equipped with all the tools necessary for a quick replacement of leaking taps. In addition to replacing or maintenance of the leaking taps, Lexity’s staff can help you identify taps that have been damaged but have not yet started leaking. Thus, you can replace these taps timely to avoid frustration in the future.

Since four different types of taps have been installed in Australian homes, Lexity staff can repair a wide range of taps including most commonly used taps: washer taps, ceramic disc taps, mixer taps, flexi hoses, etc. But the first priority of our staff is to repair the existing taps. But if existing taps cannot be repaired, our staff replace the leaking taps with brand new high quality and modern taps. In addition to repair and maintenance services, Lexity also offers sourcing services for choosing right taps for the right look of your home.

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Lexity Pty Ltd are a Melbourne based service company specialising in licensed trades including Electrical, Plumbing and Heating & Cooling services in their residential and light commercial sector.

Lexity Pty Ltd was started by long time friends Jackson and Kieren with the vision of being the best customer focused service company in Australia! Ambitious? Maybe. Achievable? YES! Lexity offers quality services that include Electrical, Plumbing & heating and cooling.

Through Jackson and Kieren’s experience in there respective trades, they both realised that most trade service companies do not satisfy there customers as well as they could. We concentrate on over-delivering and exceeding out customers expectations. We do this in a number of ways.

There has been an old, long lasting stigma when it comes to tradies. At Lexity, we want to change the way people look at the construction industry. We do this by intentionally doing the little things to please our customers and to make their experience unforgettable.

What separates Lexity from the rest of the industry is our strong customer focused culture. We pay attention to the little things as we believe they quickly multiply and become a WOW experience. This includes slip on boot covers when we enter your home so our tradesmen don’t walk in mud. We always aim to please and want to make your experience with us unforgettable.

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